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This program targets each chakra, from the root to the crown and beyond into the realms of the soul star and earth star chakras, promoting a profound sense of balance and interconnectedness. Designed to tune and harmonize all 11 chakras, extending beyond the traditional seven. By optimising the flow of energy through these vital centres, this program aids in enhancing spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Experience a deepened awareness and a heightened sense of clarity and purpose as you align these crucial energy points.

Chakra Balance (11 Chakras)


1.  Open the Pink dot Healy app and click 'Expert TAN'
2.  Click 'enable' and take a screenshot or jot down the 9-digit alphanumeric code.
3.  Press 'Ok' and you should see a message saying 'Access to the HealAdvisor Cloud of your Healy is now temporarily unlocked'  
4.  You MUST press ok one more time to confirm access to the cloud else I will not be able to access your Healy to send you your program(s). 
5.  Once you receive your email confirmation that your program has been sent, click on 'Settings' and then 'Check for updates in your pink dot app. The expert programs will appear under the Expert Programs tile.

Personal Embedded Intentions can enhance individual goals however all shop programs are effective.

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