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Vivienne S.

I am loving the connection to source program Jazdeep made for me. I use it regularly and have noticed huge shifts in my life. Jaz thank you for the amazing compassion, intuition, nurturing guidance and advice! Earth-angel for sure! 

Lau R. 

I was searching for a way to relieve my hay fever without reliance on western medication when I came across Healy. In my exploration of Healy and energy medicine. Through Jaz and Lotus Frequency Healings lifestyle/nutrition advice and custom Healy programs by Jaz, my hay fever reactions are much reduced and also my cholesterol has normalised after 10 years of slowly increasing. No more statin medications! Thank you so much Jaz

Tara B.

I did the group healing for ancestral healing and purchased the ancestral healing healy program. Both were immensely powerful. I used to feel a lot of fear and anxiety and it massively subsided! Whatever it was you did Jaz, amazing – You’re a star! Thank you!


Healy is certified as a Class 2A medical device for the treatment of pain in chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for supportive treatment of mental issues such as depression, anxiety and sleep related disorders.

Science does not acknowledge the existence of the Information Field, its analysis, harmonization and other importance due to the lack of scientific evidence.
Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs of the Healy device, Quantum Potential Frequencies (QPF) of the Healy Coil and the magnetic field programs of the MagHealy device are not acknowledged by conventional medicine due to the lack of scientific evidence in the sense of conventional medicine.


Healy and Healy programs should not be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Programs used on the Healy or MagHealy should be run by the full understanding of the contraindications listed in the latest respective manuals.

Jazdeep, Jasdeep or Lotus Frequency Healing is not liable to any legal claim resulting from the use of any programs administered with these devices.

The user uses the programs at their own risk. Jazdeep / Jasdeep does not claim to diagnose, cure or heal any illness and does not provide medical treatment. Important decisions about your health should be discussed by a qualified medical practitioner and by purchasing any programs from the Lotus Frequency Healing website, you consent and agree to these terms, hereby forever releasing, waiving and discharging and claims against Jazdeep, Jasdeep or Lotus Frequency healing arising out of the use of Healy programs or Mag Healy programs.

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