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What is Timewaver Pro?

TimeWaver is an advanced technology system that integrates principles from quantum physics to address health, well-being, karmic, spiritual and many other issues at their informational roots. Using information field analysis, imbalances can be identified in the body's energetic fields. Through analyzing and influencing the underlying information patterns that govern physical and emotional health, TimeWaver aims to restore balance and promote healing across multiple levels of an individual's existence. 


The Therapeutic Relationship

It is important to note that the results of the analysis are very much dependent on the relationship between myself (user), the client and the TimeWaver. The interaction between myself as the user/therapist with the information field creates a quantum/probability field. TimeWaver does not communicate directly with the client but through the quantum field, accessing the information field of a client. The quantum field is located in the R4 wave space, and the client is located in R4 particle space (matter).

What sort of areas can be analyzed?

The TimeWaver allows for analysis to be done on various levels including spiritual, karmic, psychological, information, energy, frequency level, physiological, detoxification, microbiological, levels. Healing remedies and methods can be applied to the information field. Analysis can also be done on houses, buildings and animals as the active client. 

Specific modules for aura analysis, energy points, coherence analysis, meridians, timeline analysis and constellation work can also be utilized in a personal Timewaver session.

Can you give me examples of the modules used?

Organ Coherence

This module analysis the electromagnetic energy field of the organs of the body. The analysis is done by checking the quality of this energy field in the information field of a client. Results will show which organs are over regulated, which are under regulated and which are balanced and I will set balancing aids where necessary in the Information field of the client.



This module is an Information field screen of possible disorders. It provides likely influences on health which are apparent in the information field.


Meridian Module:

The clarity of a meridian point/channel is crucial to the health of an organ. Stress and other disturbances can lead to a blockage in the energy supply and have a knock-on effect on health. Using this module, treatment is given to the client by stimulating the meridians in the information field.


Energy Points Module:

An image relevant to the client – e.g. body areas, X-ray images, photos of a couple or family, building floor plans, corporate organisation charts etc are worked on. Points are selected to perform an information field analysis. Potential differences are harmonised with the aim of restoring positive energy flow.

GenoWave Module:

TimeWaver supports a dynamic transformation process by transferring a systemic constellation – e.g. a family, couple, company, relationship with part of self/pain body, director, etc. and optimising these in the information field!

Sound Module:

Once an analysis of the information field is performed, required frequencies can be selected manually and applied either as an acoustic signal or modulated to music. 

My TimeWaver Module:

A very quick analysis of the information field. Sets within this module include Physical, Aura, Psyche, Business, House and Systemic Therapy.

Aura Module:

The endocrine system, nerve centres and certain organs are directly linked to the chakras.  The Aura is a portrayal of the Chakras. Within the Aura, conclusions can be drawn about the clients hormonal system and nerve centres. Further analysis in the information field is then performed.


TimeLine Module:

The TimeLine module analysis points of time during a persons life line (including perception and prenatal) to identify possible blocks or disturbances in the information field. Examples include trauma, shock and any other life changing events.  

WaveGenetics Module:

The DNA is a link between the cell and the information field. Disturbances in the DNAs wave genetic field can disturb the cells communication with the information field. The client will receive an individual vibration pattern as seen necessary. Categories include wellbeing, metabolism, cells, immune system, bone system and blood and brain.


TimeWaver Biz:

TimeWaver Biz provides relevant information and ideas in areas such as strategic orientation and decisions, goal orientated processes, branding and marketing, financial and liquidity plan, investment decisions, risk analysis, product optimisation, HR – employee involvement, motivational topics, balancing of stress factors, future development, office optimisations and conflict resolution.


Will I feel it?

Vibration patterns in the information field are sent to client during the session and will continue after the session. Some feel it and very often they do not feel it immediately. It very subtly works in the background in the information field of the client to help achieve the desired result.

How many sessions will I need?

Usually I would recommend working together for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year for chronic issues. This may be in the form of check-ins over messaging, scheduled calls or regular zoom-sessions. The blocks in the field can be present over many years/lifetimes so as I am sure you can appreciate, one session is probably not enough 😊.

How does a session work?

We meet on zoom. Your information will already be loaded onto the TimeWaver. We will work through your focuses and do various scans and set the vibrations to help clear your field. You have the option to see everything on zoom but some prefer a phone-call. Please email Jaz once your session is booked if you prefer not to have a zoom call and prefer a phone-call.

I am not sure what I need to work on?

If you are not sure, this can come to light through modules such as coaching and energy points.

A bit more on the science…..

On the basis of Physicist Burkhard Heim’s 12 dimensional structure of the Universe, Marcus Schmieke (Inventor and developer of the TimeWaver System) acquired a deep understanding of the Information Field and bought its practical application to us via the TimeWaver system!

The TimeWaver System is also known as a quantum-physical ‘information field’ device. It analyses connections in the information field of a client* and optimises them with new information in the form of vibrational patterns.


A client is not limited to a person. It may be a person, animal, tree, organ, nerve, house, business and much more! Time and Matter (as per levels d1 to d4 on the diagram below) exist in the visible world. Much of what influences our lives may be coming from levels d5, d6, d7, d8.


Much of an individuals’ “organ coherence” is at levels d5 and d6. Note: This is the “coherence” of the physical organ with the information field. Karmic issues are present more at levels d7 ad d8. At times, we feel there is a running pattern through our lives which we cannot shift. The TimeWaver System is fantastic to help reimprint new information at these levels.


Within the TimeWaver Pro:

TW uses a light quantum effect for analysing and optimising the information field. A laser beam transmits photon pulses to a 45 degree angled semi-transparent mirror. If the photon pulse passes through, a binary ONE is created and if it is reflected a value ZERO. The determination of this is a pure quantum effect without any physical tangible cause


Real Vibrational Comparison

TimeWaver assists in the analysis of any object and this is done by means of a vibrational comparison and query through a light quantum effect. In addition, TimeWaver uses a complex electronic recording system where two noise sources simultaneously record two independent vibrational pattens that are evaluated by the software.


In the diagram above:

  1. The first vibration pattern is assigned to the client/object being analysed.

  2. The second vibration pattern is assigned to the database entries. Entries relevant for the optimisation will be analysed.

  3. TimeWaver compares the vibrational patterns of the selected database entries with those of the client and enables an Information Field optimization!

Optimisation Lists

All information needed to support a desired condition is determined in a final optimisation list.​

Conscious Resonance

The software will set the created optimisation list in resonance with the client/object. Two simultaneously operating noise generators are used.

The conscious intention of the therapist between the noise of TimeWaver and the noise of the client/object leads to a resonance of consciousness. The optimising information is then vibrated into the clients Information Field.

TimeWaver communicates with the Time Wave​​

According to the research of the Soviet physicist Nikolay A. Kozyrev, time is the force causing a certain effect from a cause. Its patterns contain information about every physical process in this world. He created the Kozyrev mirror which is also known as the physical gateway to other dimensions and also within TimeWaver.


While scientific theories support the existence of the Information Field, its effect on health and wellbeing has not been proven experimentally. The TimeWaver system is not intended to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose, or prevent any disease or medical condition. The terms used in the databases and modules are intended to exert a positive mental influence comparable to affirmations, positive thinking, or auto-suggestion, are designed to help users and clients visualize their clear personal goals and are to be understood as a reference book similar to an encyclopedia. They do not constitute statements concerning effects, and have not been reviewed by a notified body and are not part of a conformity assessment procedure under the MDD/MDR.

The information on these pages is for reference and educational purposes only. It should not be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, which should always be sought from a qualified medical professional.

The TimeWaver system should always be used within a professional scope of practice, licensure, or certification, and in accordance with the Instructions for Use.


Use of TimeWaver products, programs or information is at the user's own risk and subject to the user's discretion and independent judgment. The TimeWaver companies specifically disclaim responsibility for user decisions related to the use of TimeWaver products or services which are outside the scope of the Instructions for Use.

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