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 This program is loaded with frequencies to help remove money blocks! This situation often manifests when the energy is not freely flowing in other areas of life.


The program contains frequencies to:


·       Raising money energy.

·       Release guilt and fear (one of the strongest blocks to manifesting money).

·       Step into your fullness and divine right of abundance.

·       To receive support from the cosmic planet of prosperity – Jupiter.

·       Releasing ancestral and karmic blocks to manifesting money.

·       Raise wealth, luck, magnifying miracles and love.

·       Embracing your inner billionaire!

·       Bring more positivity and luck into your field.


The program works on the reduction of the stress hormone cortisol creating joy and positivity, helping to let go of all that does not serve.


Frequencies to balance the chakras, particularly the lower centres, as well as opening up the Pineal Gland for full body, mind and spirit regeneration are an essential part of this program as are blood circulation and lymphatic circulation to assist in clearing the cellular matrix.


Please set a strong intention before each use. Ideally keep a journal.


Have your Therapist TAN ready Learn More...

Dissolve Money Blocks


1.  Open the Pink dot Healy app and click 'Expert TAN'
2.  Click 'enable' and take a screenshot or jot down the 9-digit alphanumeric code.
3.  Press 'Ok' and you should see a message saying 'Access to the HealAdvisor Cloud of your Healy is now temporarily unlocked'  
4.  You MUST press ok one more time to confirm access to the cloud else I will not be able to access your Healy to send you your program(s). 
5.  Once you receive your email confirmation that your program has been sent, click on 'Settings' and then 'Check for updates in your pink dot app. The expert programs will appear under the Expert Programs tile.

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