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  • Capacity - 330ml
  • H2 – The H2 content obtained with this bottle is 1,000 – 1,400 ppb. Many other bottles are between 0 - 1,000ppb.
  • Water Temperature – CPW bottle tolerates up to 99 degrees C, while many other bottles only tolerate 40 degrees C.
  • pH – CPW bottle does not invrease the pH significantly (0.5-1 value).
  • ORP – the ORP value obtained on the bottle is significantly higher to those obtained on other bottles. (readings are generally between -100 and -500mV).
  • H2 recation technology – CPW Technology is the latest 2019 technology.
  • Cap design – The cup has a buckle (patent). Many other cups have a screw system.
  • Anode Toxic – CPW has an anode toxic liquid/gas discharge function at the bottom of the bottle.
  • Taste – Taste becomes better after the process.
  • Water Quality – Many bottles need pure water to be effective. CPW just needs drinkable water ideally filtered.



Cell Power Water Bottle


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