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In order for the body, its organs and cells to effectively communicate with the information field, they must speak the same language. The words of this language are electrical frequencies.

Treat the Cell

TimeWaver Frequency’s basic principle is based on cellular improvement of the cell voltage of the cell.


Numerous frequencies

The TimeWaver Frequency has 150,000 frequency databases that are assigned to more than 1,000 symptoms.


Treat chronic and acute conditions.

The systemic therapy integrated in the TimeWaver Frequency system and the underlying operating principle permit the treatment of almost all diseases in a supportive and direct way, irrespective of chronic or acute conditions.


Information Field Technology
The information field controlled frequency therapy integrated in to the TimeWaver system is unique. It permanently determines the frequencies to be applied in real-time and immediately adapts them to the patients needs for the duration of therapy.

Cell Membrane Voltage

Ideally the cell should have a voltage of -70mV and therefore enough energy to communicate with other cells.


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