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There is scientific proof that all living creation is made up of electromagnetic energy which vibrates at different frequencies.

When there is a disturbance, blocks are created in one’s energy field, stopping the natural flow of energy. This can cause physical symptoms such as brain fog, depression, anxiety, insomnia, backpain, thyroid imbalances etc or it can create a disturbance in your relationships, career progression, stress levels and overall emotional states.

The TimeWaver Med system is used to make an analysis and restore possible correlations and backgrounds of disorders and diseases in the information field by applying new balancing informational patterns into it.

The system requests personalised ‘Focus Intentions’ from the client and by using a combination of the TimeWaver databases and the integrated modules, a detailed analysis focussing on the clients desired result can be performed.  

The modules I use are:

Organ Coherence Module: This module analysis the electromagnetic energy field of the organs of the body. The analysis is done by checking the quality of this energy field in the information field of a client. Results will show which organs are over regulated, which are under regulated and which are balanced and I will set balancing aids where necessary in the Information field of the client. 



This module is an Information field screen of possible disorders. It provides likely influences on health which are apparent in the information field.

Meridian Module:

The clarity of a meridian point/channel is crucial to the health of an organ. Stress and other disturbances can lead to a blockage in the energy supply and have a knock on effect on health. Using this module, treatment is given to the client by stimulating the meridians in the information field.

Energy Points Module: An image relevant to the client – e.g. body areas, X-ray images, photos of a couple or family, building floor plans, corporate organisation charts etc are worked on. Points are selected to perform an information field analysis. Potential differences are harmonised with the aim of restoring positive energy flow.

GenoWave Module:

TimeWaver supports a dynamic transformation process by transferring a systemic constellation – e.g. a family, couple, company, relationship with part of self/pain body, director, etc. and optimising these in the information field!

Sound Module:

Once an analysis of the information field is performed, required frequencies can be selected manually and applied either as an acoustic signal or modulated to music. 

My TimeWaver Module:

A very quick analysis of the information field. Sets within this module include Physical, Aura, Psyche, Business, House and Systemic Therapy.

Aura Module:

The endocrine system, nerve centres and certain organs are directly linked to the chakras.  The Aura is a portrayal of the Chakras. Within the Aura, conclusions can be drawn about the clients hormonal system and nerve centres. Further analysis in the information field is then performed.



TimeLine Module:

The TimeLine module analysis points of time during a persons life line (including whilst in the womb) to identify possible blocks or disturbances in the information field. Examples include trauma, shock and any other life changing events.  

WaveGenetics Module:

The DNA is a link between the cell and the information field. Disturbances in the DNAs wave genetic field can disturb the cells communication with the information field. The client will receive an individual vibration pattern as seen necessary. Categories include wellbeing, metabolism, cells, immune system, bone system and blood and brain.


TimeWaver Biz:

TimeWaver Biz provides relevant information and ideas in areas such as strategic orientation and decisions, goal orientated processes, branding and marketing, financial and liquidity plan, investment decisions, risk analysis, product optimisation, HR – employee involvement, motivational topics, balancing of stress factors, future development, office optimisations and conflict resolution.


The Therapeutic Relationship

It is important to note that the results of the analysis are very much dependent on the relationship between myself (user), the client and the TimeWaver. The interaction between myself as the user/therapist with the information field creates a quantum/probability field. TimeWaver does not communicate directly with the client but through the quantum field, accessing the information field of a client.

The quantum field is located in the R4 wave space, and the client is located in R4 particle space (matter).

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