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Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from University of London, 2002.

Nutritional Therapist, studied Naturopathic Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London.

Extensive experience with TimeWaver Technology.

Healy Program Creator.

Certified Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) Therapist.

Practicing Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformation Therapist.

Kundalini Yoga Teacher includes Pranayama.

Trained in Divine Healing, utilizing channeled command codes and transmissions to facilitate client healing.

Highly experienced integrative practitioner focused on identifying and addressing the root causes of clients' issues efficiently and effectively


Personal interest in applying trauma relief therapies to support my clients’ journeys.

Intuitive healer with a deep interest in the connection between science and spirituality

Uses frequencies and distance vibrational pattern remedies to assist in the healing and wellbeing of my clients.



“I am passionate about offering my clients the right modality to support them in overcoming chronic problems as quickly as possible” (Jazdeep)

Pink Sugar

I use a combination of modalities to support my clients on their path to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Tackling issues in all layers and dimensions, I use nutritional therapy for the physical body, hypnosis to talk to the subconscious mind, bespoke frequencies for the bodys cells via TimeWaver and Healy and distance healing through TimeWaver Pro vibrations to reimprint and rebalance the information field of my clients. I also use kundalini yoga, meditation and breathwork for energy flow along with divine healing codes for deep karmic and ancestral clearing.

Please contact me if you have any specific queries >

Regain control of your thoughts and feelings by raising your energy levels!

Heal your body at a cellular level, alleviating aches and pains!

Feel a stronger connection between your mind, body and spirit!

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Why Lotus Frequency Healing?

Following the call of the sun each morning, the Lotus flower breaks the surface of the water untouched by the mud with each petal remaining pure and clean. 

Like the Lotus flower, I help my clients access their inner power and blossom into their highest true self. Restoring health, vitality and connection, Lotus Frequency Healing keeps you fully grounded on Earth whilst blooming towards the light!


“Jazdeep thank you so much for the Healy program and the additional advice you made me. I got my results back from the hospital and liver enzyme results have improved! I cannot believe it. I am so grateful. Thank you.”

—  Tara, USA


“The quieter you become, the more you can hear”


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