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Hydrogen Water Generator

Please watch this video for more information on the Cell Power Water Bottle 

Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest element in the periodic table. In the molecular form (H2). Hydrogen is very stable but it is still very reactive. 
Hydrogen is considered one of the strongest antioxidants with a high reduction potential. It is able to donate electrons to oxidizing agents, called free radicals. 
Oxidative stress influences the development of many human diseases. 

H2 – The H2 content obtained with this bottle is 1,000 – 1,400 ppb. Many other bottles are between 0 - 1,000ppb.

Water Temperature – CPW bottle tolerates up to 99oC, while many other bottles only tolerate 40oC.

pH – CPW bottle does not invrease the pH significantly (0.5-1 value).

ORP – the ORP value obtained on the bottle is significantly higher to those obtained on other bottles. (readings are generally between -100 and -500mV).

H2 recation technology – CPW Technology is the latest 2019 technology.

Cap design – The cup has a buckle (patent). Many other cups have a screw system. 

Anode Toxic – CPW has an anode toxic liquid/gas discharge function at the bottom of the bottle. 

Taste – Taste becomes better after the process. 

Water Quality – Many bottles need pure water to be effective. CPW just needs drinkable water ideally filtered. 

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