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Sand Dunes

About Me   


I look at the whole person in terms of their detoxification, physiological processes, vibrational frequency, energy levels, information level, psychic level, systemic level and spiritual level. With the capacity to find root causes beyond the 3 dimensional physical reality, I am able to bring  to the conscious awareness of my clients, any blocks that are hindering their progress. My engineering background, coupled with my holistic education and intuitive capacity has been the perfect synergy in understanding how to bring the body and mind back to its ideal frequency.

My training as a hypnotherapist and a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) is complementary to my work with TimeWaver and allows me to access to the root cause of any presenting issue very quickly, transforming it as fast as possible.

My goal as an integrative practitioner, is to bring freedom and empowerment over any issue. As well as individual treatments, I also treat animals, plants, businesses and clear energy spaces remotely. I also use  TimeWaver Med vibrations for my meditation group practices.

Image by Jay Castor

Lotus Frequency Healing

“Life will give you whatever experience is most beneficial for the evolution of your consciousness”

Eckart Tolle

The Lotus Flower inspired me set up ‘Lotus Frequency Healing’.

In order to blossom, the Lotus must grow through the murky water. Following the call of the sun each morning, it breaks the surface of the water untouched by the mud and each petal remains pure and clean. At night, it closes and sinks below the waters surface only to resurface again in the morning.

Like the Lotus flower, I help my clients access their inner power and blossom into their highest, true self. By restoring health, vitality and connection Lotus Frequency Healing keeps you fully grounded on the earth and forever blooming towards the light!

I work intuitively with each client and use an range of modalities including TimeWaver Frequency, TimeWaver Med, Divine Healing, Hypnosis and Frequency Specific Microcurrent. I am also passionate about the right nutrition to help restore the physical body as well as the spiritual and energetic bodies!

"Working with Jasdeep has brought me such a lot of relief and support. It has helped not just with physical health issues, but also revealed emotional knots that had to be released. I struggled with  migraines for four years and Jasdeep worked on the energetic level to help break my relationship with them as well as on the physical level. The headaches were coming from an aggravated liver, which I would have never known. This helped me change my diet, and the results are evident. The migraines have significantly reduced by about 80% thanks to the frequencies administered in my session and remotely, alongside my lifestyle change. Jasdeep is an honest, caring practitioner and used her sharp intuition and her TimeWaver Systems to find optimal results for me. 


I have also bought a "Healy" to be able to take in Frequencies at home on a daily basis. Jasdeep has supported me and designed a bespoke programme which I use regularly and love!"

Meena, London

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