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Live your highest vibration

Supercharge your energy, raise your frequency and transform your life!

Sand Dunes

   Re-energize your life   

Hi, my name is Jazdeep Neehahl Kaur Virdhi and I am intuitive, holistic therapist passionate about reconnecting you with your original divine blueprint. I offer a simple, practical approach in finding inner peace, healing and fulfilment over any issue.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of frequency, energy and vibration”

Nikola Tesla

White Feather


Find the root cause and transform the mind using RTT Hypnotherapy.

An abundance of energy

Freedom from unwanted thought patterns and control

Divine Healing

Gain insights on “why” things keep happening from a Time Waver Quantum Field Analysis

Feel centred in a joyous life

Personal frequencies to heal your cells and your physical health with Time Waver Frequency and Healy

Mind, body and spirit connection

Get In Touch

If you are interested in booking a TimeWaver package, or, would like to get in contact for more information about anything else then please get in touch!


“The quieter you become,

the more you can hear”


" I have been using frequency for a few years but since working with Jasdeep I feel I have made incredible progress. I initially contacted her for issues related to food and after the first session that issue was sorted.  For a few years I wanted to stop drinking as it felt it was tiring me out but being sociable, I always found it impossible to quit. Thanks to her clear vision and her holistic approach that addressed deeper issues I was able to stop drinking all together and I have never wanted to drink since. Jasdeep thoroughness, her wide knowledge of frequency, science and nutrition and her genuine desire to help her client have been instrumental in  the results I am seeing. "

Hinda Abbou, London

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