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On the basis of Physicist Burkhard Heim’s 12 dimensional structure of the Universe, Marcus Schmieke (Inventor and developer of the TimeWaver System) acquired a deep understanding of the Information Field and bought its practical application to us via the TimeWaver system!


The TimeWaver System is also known as a quantum-physical ‘information field’ device. It analyses connections in the information field of a client* and optimises them with new information in the form of vibrational frequencies.

* A client is not limited to a person. It may be a person, animal, tree, organ, nerve, house, business and much more! Time and Matter (as per levels d1 to d4 on the diagram above) exist in the visible world. Much of what influences our lives may be coming from levels d5, d6, d7, d8. As an example, much of an individuals’ “organ coherence” is at levels d5 and d6. Note:  This is the “coherence” of the physical organ with the information field. Karmic issues are present more at levels d7 ad d8. At times, we feel there is a running pattern through our lives which we cannot shift. The TimeWaver System is fantastic to help with this.


Within the TimeWaver Med

Real Quantum Processes with TimeWaver

Light quantum effect for analysing and optimising the Information Field.

A laser beam transmits photon pulses to a 45 degree angled semi-transparent mirror.

If the photon pulse passes through, a binary ONE is created and if it is reflected a value ZERO.

The determination of this is a pure quantum effect without any physical tangible cause










The diagram shows TimeWaver uses a real light quantum effect for communicating in the Information Field.


Real Vibrational Comparison

TimeWaver assists in the analysis of any object and this is done by means of a vibrational comparison and query through a light quantum effect. In addition, TimeWaver uses a complex electronic recording system where two noise sources simultaneously record two independent vibrational pattens that are evaluated by the software.



In the diagram above:

  1. The first vibration pattern is assigned to the client/object being analysed.

  2. The second vibration pattern is assigned to the database entries. Entries relevant for the optimisation will be analysed.

  3. TimeWaver compares the vibrational patterns of the selected database entries with those of the client and enables an Information Field optimization!

Optimisation Lists

All information needed to support a desired condition is determined in a final optimisation list.


Conscious Resonance

The software will set the created optimisation list in resonance with the client/object. Two simultaneously operating noise generators are used.

The conscious intention of the therapist between the noise of TimeWaver and the noise of the client/object leads to a resonance of consciousness. The optimising information is then vibrated into the clients Information Field.


TimeWaver communicates with the Time Wave

According to the research of the Soviet physicist Nikolay A. Kozyrev, time is the force causing a certain effect from a cause. Its patterns contain information about every physical process in this world. He created the Kozyrev mirror which is also known as the physical gateway to other dimensions and also within TimeWaver.

Maybe put some random photos in of energetic people – see for inspiration

Note:  Science and conventional medicine do not accept the existence of Information Fields, their possible medical or other relevance, the TimeWaver systems and their applications.



The TimeWaver Frequency system has been developed by Marcus Schmeike and Nuno Nina.

In the many years of practical work Nuno Nina collected 130,000 Gold frequencies and assigned them to specific disease patterns.

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